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The Gippers are a religious cult that worships Ronald Reagan as a god-president and are a faction in Wasteland 3.


A heavily-armed cult devoted to the “God-President,” Ronald Reagan. Some may call them crazy, but since they produce and refine all the oil in Colorado, everybody's got to pretend they're not. Their oil production supplies all energy production in the state of Colorado, among other supplies given, due to an agreement between the faction and Saul Buchanan, the Patriarch.

They are aggressively anti-Communist, to the point of declaring a nearby robot commune as godless enemies due to asking for oil.[1]


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Gaining reputation[]

Losing reputation[]

  • Denver Ruins: If you recovered Morningstar, he will speak during the conversation when you first enter Denver Ruins. If you pick the option to admit who he is (-1).
  • If you ask why did she killed the usefull robot and not that psycho (-1).
  • If you allude to the Wizard of Oz and suggest there is a person in the machine (-1).

Notes and references[]


  1. ↑ The name is a reference to Reagan's role as Knute Rockne in the 1940 biopic Knute Rockne, All American.
  2. ↑ They were cut from the release version of Wasteland 2, located at the La Brea tar pits, and their portraits recycled for other characters.
  3. ↑ The Gippers' 'Western White House' is the former state capitol building of Colorado.
  4. ↑ The Gippers disapprove of swearing and thus use many creative non-profane epithets when stirred to anger.


  1. When Attacking the Gippers Attack them in segments... First defeat the ones in the control room/where reagan AI and Val is., Second defect the ones in the downstairs lobby outside the control room... Third go thru the medic's place loot the supplies and go up the stairs and kill the the ones in the main lobby... fourth wipe out the rest in the building.. last make sure you killed reagan bot either thru transfer or thru terminals and go out side and kill them

Behind the scenes[]


A religious faction dedicated to the worship of former United States President Ronald Reagan, the Gippers are also an oil cartel that maintains a veritable monopoly over energy production in Colorado. They have a longstanding working agreement with Patriarch Buchanan, to whose empire they supply fuel and other resources.

The Gippers' name is a reference to George Gipp, the role Reagan played in the 1940 film Knute Rockne, All American. The Gippers traditionally dress like cowboys from pre-war television western series in honor of their patron, who was a fixture of the medium.

~ Desert Rangers Wasteland Survival Guide



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