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Godfisher windfarm is a location in Wasteland 3. It is the part of Yuma County Speedway.


A windfarm that once provided enough power for the whole region, now shared between the Payasos and the Godfishers. One side grinds people up for clown burgers, the other dismembers them to fly them on kites.

Points of interest[]

  • Welcome to a fairly straightforward area. Just as you enter, you'll find the local food establishment, the Clown Burger where Risky Briskett will force a Clown burger upon you. You can refuse with Kiss Ass 9 and mentioning that it tasted funny. Explore the area to find some loot in the shack and a buried collectible. The radio is off limits for now.
  • Head east to run into the Godfishers. To reach the kites and find evidence that will help you put the clowns and Godfishers against each other, you need to go through them. You have three groups of Godfishers to fight through on your way up the mountain. Take your time. At the top you'll have a special Razorback, Cuddles the Bear, to fight through, but otherwise it's a fairly straightforward fights. The kite with the corpse of Cucaracha is to the southeast of the summit. Check the level 10 armor crate to the west (mind the frag mines) for a creepy doll.
  • The northern branch of the farm contains mostly various waste worms, drools, and so on to get some experience and loot off of them. Note the Waste Worm Queen you can kill.

Notable loot[]