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The Godfishers is a faction in Wasteland 3.


The Godfishers are part gang, part apocalyptic cult, sacrificing prisoners on huge leather kites to their strange sky gods. The Godfishers make leather clothing from the parts of their victims that they do not fly on their kites. Nothing goes to waste in their pragmatic view. They are one of the most fearsome Plains gangs, as their religious fervor leads to an insatiable need for human sacrifices who are dismembered and their torsos flown up to the clouds. The Godfishers also cover their bodies with blue tattoos as a sign of their devotion to the sky gods.

All of this originates from the traumatic experiences of the ancestors of the Godfishers, who lived underground for generations in squalor and suffering. The cult started when one of them managed to reach the surface and rediscovered clouds and rain, which led to him returning below and declaring excitedly that the gods live in the ocean of the sky and all the people have to do is pray to them and get rain any time you want it. Eventually... Well, eventually it evolved into the flaying, kite-flying bunch of crazies you encounter.

Star-that-Dreams is the current leader of the Godfishers, who deposed Clouds-Drifting-West. Clouds was one of the leaders of the Godfishers during the Plains Wars and one of the sides of the Patriarch's deal with the gangs: In return for a tribute of humans for the Godfishers to sacrifice on their kites, Clouds would keep his tribe from raiding Colorado and the Patriarch's nation. The arrangement worked nicely for years: Godfishers gave Colorado a wide berth, sacrificing humans delivered by the Patriarch to entice their gods, and the Patriarch's nation prospered. However, all changed with Liberty Buchanan's rebellion against her father. When she fled Colorado Springs, she started uniting the raider tribes, forming the Savage Council. Clouds was savagely beaten and left for dead, forcing him to flee.

She leads them as they read the clouds and the weather for signs of things yet to come. In fact, Star thinks he's a goddamn messiah, and hates having to deal with the other gangs. The only reason the tenuous alliance has not unraveled yet is because he thinks it's his best shot at getting revenge on the Patriarch. Otherwise, he'd make murder kites out of the other guys and ride into the sunset.


Godfisher rituals consist of a ritualistic chant, offering a victim to the Lords of the Heavens, proclaiming repercussions upon mankind for the Great War, as their victims have their limbs chopped off, flown to the sky on kites made from leather and bone. A cassette tape recorded during a ritual can be found, describing the ritual.[1]


  • Godfishers are the principal foes at Denver, standing against the Gippers. Your Rangers can side with either of them, or wipe them both out. Wiping the Godfisher camp out will later cause drools and the Woman in White to spawn.
  • Beyond that, the Godfishers are the second biggest gang in Liberty's Savage Council. Dealing with the threat they pose at Yuma County Speedway is part of the final act.