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Golden spike is an item in Wasteland 2. Can be used to resolve the conflict between the Nomad tribes (AZ3_GoldenSpike_Pickup).


The Golden Spike is a quest item required for Find a way to resolve the Topekan/Atchison conflict. It is a solid gold Railroad spike revered by the Rail Nomads as having been given to them by their "god" John Henry. While the Topekan faction claims that it is their property, the Atchison faction claims it is theirs, pointing out that the real life John Henry was a rail worker rather than an engineer or driver and claiming that the Topekans' "god" is in fact a cartoon character from a prewar candy.

In the real world, gold rail spikes were used to ceremonially "connect" the two ends of a railroad under contruction, it is possible to suggest that the Rail Nomads use it in a similar fashion, bringing their two factions together and symbolically reconnecting their rail line.


  • Attempting to steal (or indeed even approach) the Golden Spike will cause the Topekans guarding it to attack and for their faction to become hostile.
  • If the player completes the quest by getting the chiefs to use the spike, it will disappear and it will not be possible for the player to "pull it up."