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Gorkinovich's Distillery is a location in Arizona.

Background[ | ]

Supplying Gorkinovich from the Rail Nomads camp with Snake Squeezins, the distillery has recently run into trouble: A group of hobos are threatening to take over the operation to get sweet, sweet Squeezins. Worse, a large hive of honey badgers has set up shop nearby!

Notable people[ | ]

Layout[ | ]

Wl2 Gorkinovich

The distillery has a simple layout. Larry stands by the truck full of Squeezins, accosted by the Hobo King. Unless the player has Scotchmo or Hard Ass 6, the confrontation turns violent as the hobos scramble for the Squeezins. (In the Director's Cut version, the check can be done with Kiss Ass, Smart Ass, or Hard Ass 4.)

Ben, the Squeezins merchant, will sell the drink for 30% off if the player resolves the dispute with the hobos peacefully and an additional 20% off if the team wipes out the honey badgers that took over the fruit fields necessary for squeezing the Squeezins out. The discounts stack for a total 50% off.