The Guardian Citadel is the base of operations of the Guardians. It is a massive facility built into the side of a mountain in a valley in Arizona. The outer walls are made from obsidian and arch over the field in front of them like frozen waves. Watchtowers on their tops are patrolled by Guardians with energy weapons. Red flags mark the point beyond which Guardians stop warning and start shooting. Inside, most walls are carved from native rock, while the outer fortifications are antique and reinforced with layered stone.


Guardian Citadel Entrance map

For the first time you get a look at the massive bronze doors shut against your attack. The word is formidable.  You realize this cul-de-sac is a killing zone tailor made to protect the defenders and destroy the attackers.

The outer wall is protected by three parapets - the west parapet holds Sisters Theodosia, Lucretia, and Ursula. The center parapet holds Sisters Jade and Isolde; the east parapet holds Brothers Anthony, Boris, and Nathan. It's worth noting that these three groups are locked into their parapets by locked doors. In the hallway between the main hall and museum area, Brother David can be found - any of these groups can be deadly to characters in medium armor, and some or all may take pot-shots at you from the walls as you approach. Thus, you may want to consider your entry strategy carefully.

The Citadel doors are massive and wholly made of bronze. Each stands 25 feet high and is inscribed with Guardian sayings.

There are two ways into the Guardian Citadel - brute force and excessive brute force. Regular ordinary brute force (without fighting Goliath) requires a minimum of two blocks of TNT or higher powered explosive. If you walk into the walls on the center parapet (where Sister Jade and Sister Isolde are) or between Brother Goliath and the eastern parapet, you will find some spots that say they are weaker than other parts of the wall. Use the TNT to blast your way through and you're in! If you want to pick a serious fight, however, blowing the main gate off its hinges will get you there. Great force (such as Plastic explosives, RPG-7's or LAW rockets) can bring them down. Beyond the doors, the great hallway, whose vaulted ceiling is lost in darkness, stands carved from native rock, inscribed with sayings in gold leaf.

From inside the west office you hear a voice call out, "I thought I told you I would see no one today, Sister Wrath."

To the west is the Guardian Armory, stocked with AK-97's and 7.62mm clips in one pile, and a Meson cannon, Power packs, and possibly other items on an energy weapons rack rigged to explode (second loot pile). It is guarded by Donny & Marie as well as George & Gracie. Further in past the armory is the offices of Brother Austin and his secretary, Sister Wrath. Be careful - when you first enter Brother Austin's office, you'll be attacked with a grenade before the fight even begins! Even so, the fight is well worth it: he carries the formidable Ion beamer.

A huge chef leaps out and attacks, screaming, "My souffle, you have ruined it!"

The Guardian Mess Hall is located in the vicinity of the Museum, with Sisters June. April, and May in one group, and Brothers George, Weez and Joseph in another group. The Mess hall's wall separating it from the kitchen is painted with commercial slogans from before the war. Inside the soot-blackened kitchen the Guardian's massive chef Brother James, will attack you with two knives for ruining the dinner he worked so hard to prepare.

This part of the Citadel also houses the Guardian's museum, with five locked showcases holding several items from before the war, including a Grazer bat fetish. The walls are decorated with the glorious Premacorin mural "The Cycle of Man". You'll also have to deal with Brother Kenneth sniping at you from the shadows, and Brother Akira sniping from the hall if you haven't dealt with him along with the trio in the east parapet.

Outer SanctumEdit

Guardian Citadel Outer Sanctum map

Beyond the entrance and the frontal part of the hallway lies the Outer Sanctum, carved from polished obsidian, purple in hue with pre-Holocaust items decorating its walls. The Grand Hallway is flanked by two corridors with massive sandstone pillars, where most Guardian facilities are located. The left corridor leads to the sleeping quarters of the Guardians, lined with beds. All have white sheets and either blue or red woolen blankets. The southern chamber's door was blown off and a trap with tungsten spikes laid in the place of the bed nearest to the door (reasons unknown). Opposite the southern chamber are the closets where basic equipment of the Guardians is kept. The northern chamber is similar to the southern, except for the trap, and opposite it is the Guardian library, overseen by Monk Johan. The library is stocked with books predating the bomb, including, but not limited to fiction and Demolitions, Alarm disarm, Bomb disarm, Electronics, Toaster repair, Clone tech, Energy weapon and Cyborg tech manuals. Most of the books are organized by subjects and some crumble to the touch.

The corridor to the right houses the meditation rooms (where some Guardians even play poker), Cardinal Scott's office with Sister Faith as secretary and a small Guardian chapel painted with grotesque portraits and a chapel altar with a bronze triptych on the front that depicts the rise, fall and resurrection of Man. The center plate covers a small vault that is designed to store relics. The chapel also has narrow shooting ports carved into its walls that allow Guardians to cover the grand hallway with weapon fire should any non-Guardian trespass. From this corridor the jail can be entered, where the Guardians keep their prisoners (Redhawk for instance).

The Grand hallway itself ends with gray marble stairs that lead from the Outer Sanctum to the Inner Sanctum above, flanked by bronze railing worked with a serpentine pattern. The Inner Sanctum can be sealed with a massive steel portcullis that is operated manually with a crank from behind the stairs (use Strength on the crank).

Inner SanctumEdit

Guardian Citadel Inner Sanctum map

The Inner Sanctum was carved out of the gray, volcanic rock of the mountain. It is quite small, compared to the outer sanctum, and holds most of the Guardian's most cherished items. The central hall of the inner sanctum, where the marble stairs end, surrounded by the bronze railing, contains the Guardian's central vault. The vault is protected by a pair of gold doors that are very solid and traced with patterns of electronic circuitry. The doors are operated via an alphanumeric keyboard (keyword: ROSEBUD). The interior of the wall is finished smoothly and with much devotion, as it contains the most powerful and important element of the Guardian arsenal - the Power armor.

Two hallways lead from the main hall of the Inner Sanctum. The western leads to a smaller chamber and the treasury of the Guardians, protected by a squad of them led by Cardinal Chano (second-in-command of the Guardians). The treasury is protected by a massive reinforced wooden door. Beyond it, the polished, smooth walls are decorated with many fine works of art that can be recognized from books about the past. The tables inside are littered with all sorts of antiques and pieces of junk clutter this table, including an old sled with the word "ROSEBUD" on it and the Secpass B, an access card with the highest clearance, commonly used in US military bases of the late 20th/early 21st century. The treasury also has a closet which contains the Guardian robes.

The other hallway leads to a chamber roughly carved from the gray volcanic rock that houses the second most important relic of the Guardians - an AH-6503 Attack Helicopter. The chamber is very high, ending with massive doors on steel hinges that open to allow exit to the helicopter. The helipad itself is shielded by a steel wire fence, extending all the way to the ceiling. Also in the vicinity is a small repair bench perfect for reparing Broken toaster.


A first-time party is well warned that the Guardians are very tough and wear heavy armor. Most Guardians boast a minimum AC of 7 to 9 (upgraded Kevlar or degraded Pseudo-Chitin?); many boast 11 or 12 AC - Brother Austin, Brother Goliath, Brother James, Brother Jude, Brother Phillip, Cardinal Scott, Mistress Ginger, and Warden Jethro all have a 13 AC! Notably, Master Bruce and Mistress Jennifer have a 0 AC... one wonders what they were doing in that locked room?

Brother GoliathEdit

Brother Goliath gets his own special entry, as he should be the last person in the Citadel that you kill. He doesn't have anything important other than the Blackstar key, which you only need if you're planning to blow Base Cochise to smithereens anyway. The beauty of Goliath is that he doesn't move, he only attacks in melee range, and he has a ridiculously high AC, so you can easily beat on him forever with weapons and train up the requisite skills, at least for ranged weapons. Did I mention he doesn't move OR shoot? I love this guy...

For Energy Weapons, get Laser pistols for your team and a power pack a piece. Have them sit 20 feet away taking single shots at Brother Goliath until they run out of ammo. For Rifle skill (for the infamous Red Ryder from the Super loot bags cheat), load up M17 carbine; for Clip pistol, VP91Z 9mm pistol; for Assault rifle, M1989A1 Nato assault rifle; for SMG, Uzi SMG Mark 27; for AT weapon, Spear; for Knife throw, Throwing knife; for Demolitions, TNT.

Training up your Melee skills, on the other hand, requires a bit of patience. His damage of 6d6+13 makes him a staggering opponent to take shots from, so don't be afraid to run away if he knocks out a few of your team. He won't follow - dutiful as ever, he will stand his post as you perform Doctor checks on your teammates 20 feet away. After successfully reviving your crew to at least Unconscious, retreat to the desert and rest up, or to Highpool to see the Doctor if you don't want to wait that long in-game. Rinse and repeat!

Grand Hallway EncountersEdit

Pic Name Location Type Exp. Pts. Maxcon AC Skill Damage Weapon type Range Group
WL ani 222Brother AkiraGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid36010-5083010d6+2AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother AnthonyGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid1805-258306d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother AustinGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid84015-7513314d6+10MeleeMelee1
WL ani 222Brother BorisGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid2256-318308d6+3AutomaticMed1
WL ani 222Brother BroderickGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid3307-37103010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 222Brother CarlGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid2756-31103010d6+2AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother DavidGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid36010-5083010d6+3AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother DiegoGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid65012-62124010d6+2AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother DominicGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid3307-37103010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother DonaldGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid2205-25103010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother DonatelloGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid1205-255307d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother FrederickGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid3307-37103010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother GeorgeGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid36015-7553010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother GoliathGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid58810-521376d6+13MeleeMelee1
WL ani 222Brother GregGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid3307-37103010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother JamesGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid84015-75133011d6+4AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother JosephGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid3858-43103010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 222Brother JuaquinGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid1756-316308d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 222Brother KennethGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid44010-50103012d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 222Brother LucasGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid3607-37113010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother NathanGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid2707-3783010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 222Brother PhillipGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid4207-37133011d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother RaphaelGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid1205-255307d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother RichardGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid2405-25113011d6+3AutomaticMed1
WL ani 222Brother RobertGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid2205-25103010d6+2AutomaticMed1
WL ani 222Brother ThomasGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid1756-316308d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 222Brother WeezGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid3007-379308d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 219Sister AprilGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid40511-5683010d6+4AutomaticMed1
WL ani 219Sister GraceGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid1653-1810308d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 220Sister IsoldeGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid2707-378308d6+4AutomaticMed1
WL ani 220Sister JadeGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid1805-2583010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 219Sister JuneGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid40511-5683010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 220Sister LucretiaGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid1805-2583010d6+2AutomaticMed1
WL ani 220Sister MarieGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid2506-3193010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 220Sister MayGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid40511-5683011d6+2AutomaticMed1
WL ani 219Sister TheodosiaGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid1805-2583010d6+2AutomaticMed1
WL ani 219Sister UrsulaGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid2707-3783010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 215Sister WrathGuardian Citadel Grand HallwayHumanoid130025-12512312d6+10MeleeMelee1


Outer Sanctum EncountersEdit

Pic Name Location Type Exp. Pts. Maxcon AC Skill Damage Weapon type Range Group
WL ani 215Adept KateGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid3307-37103010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 215Adept MandisaGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid44010-50103012d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 215Adept RoxanneGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid3858-43103010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 222Brother AndrewGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid40010-5093010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 222Brother DickGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid2407-3773010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 222Brother HaroldGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid1807-3753010d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother JacksonGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid1807-3753010d6+4Semi-autoShort1
WL ani 222Brother MarkGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid4208-43113011d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother MatthewGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid4208-43113011d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother NobelGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid1807-3753010d6Semi-autoShort1
WL ani 221Brother NurisGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid3858-4310310d6+10MeleeMelee1
WL ani 213Cardinal ScottGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid84015-75134013d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 213Jailer CorbettGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid3508-4393011d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 213Jailer PatrickGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid3508-4393011d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 213Master BruceGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid205-25023d6+8MeleeMelee1
WL ani 213Master CiroGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid55012-62103012d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 213Master GriffinGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid66013-68113012d6+13AutomaticMed1
WL ani 213Master ImaroGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid52010-50123011d6+2AutomaticMed1
WL ani 213Master PazGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid48015-7573012d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 213Master TomasGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid48015-7573014d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 215Mistress JenniferGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid205-25024d6+8MeleeMelee1
WL ani 215Mistress KerinGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid44010-50103011d6+2AutomaticMed1
WL ani 215Mistress KrysGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid77017-87103012d6+3AutomaticMed1
WL ani 207Monk JohanGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid52010-5012212d6+8MeleeMelee1
WL ani 207Monk PetallGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid104020-10012312d6+7MeleeMelee1
WL ani 207Monk RussGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid3907-37123012d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 215Priestess ElexaGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid55012-6210408d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 216RedhawkGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid1807-3753010d6Semi-autoShort1
WL ani 220Sister FaithGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid1507-374309d6+2Semi-autoShort1
WL ani 219Sister TracyGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid44010-50103011d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 213Warden JethroGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid98017-8713212d6+7MeleeMelee1
WL ani 213Warden NicholasGuardian Citadel Outer SanctumHumanoid40010-5093011d6AutomaticMed1

Inner Sanctum EncountersEdit

Pic Name Location Type Exp. Pts. Maxcon AC Skill Damage Weapon type Range Group
WL ani 215Adept DaleGuardian Citadel Inner SanctumHumanoid52010-50123013d6+2AutomaticMed1
WL ani 215Adept FloraGuardian Citadel Inner SanctumHumanoid40010-5093012d6+2AutomaticMed1
WL ani 215Adept NadineGuardian Citadel Inner SanctumHumanoid52010-50123012d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 215Adept TaraGuardian Citadel Inner SanctumHumanoid60012-62113013d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 222Brother DarrenGuardian Citadel Inner SanctumHumanoid65012-62123012d6+3AutomaticMed1
WL ani 221Brother HarperGuardian Citadel Inner SanctumHumanoid52010-50123012d6+2AutomaticMed1
WL ani 222Brother JudeGuardian Citadel Inner SanctumHumanoid63011-56133012d6+3AutomaticMed1
WL ani 213Cardinal ChanoGuardian Citadel Inner SanctumHumanoid52010-50123012d6+2AutomaticMed1
WL ani 213Master DalisGuardian Citadel Inner SanctumHumanoid48010-50113012d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 215Mistress GingerGuardian Citadel Inner SanctumHumanoid56010-50133012d6+3AutomaticMed1
WL ani 215Mistress ZenobiaGuardian Citadel Inner SanctumHumanoid44010-50103013d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 220Sister PhaedraGuardian Citadel Inner SanctumHumanoid52010-50123012d6AutomaticMed1
WL ani 219Sister VioletGuardian Citadel Inner SanctumHumanoid48010-50113012d6+5AutomaticMed1
WL ani 207WeezGuardian Citadel Inner SanctumHumanoid52010-50123012d6+3AutomaticMed1

Notable LootEdit

Grand Hallway

Pop Culture ReferencesEdit

The Guardian Citadel is full of Easter Egg pop culture references. For example, the room just outside of the Guardian Armory contains Brother Donald and Sister Marie (Donnie & Marie) , and also Brother George and Sister Grace (George & Gracie).  Brother Austin seems to have a catch phrase, but it's uncertain what this is referencing, if anything; Brother James is a huge chef who's awfully upset about his souffle being ruined (possibly James Beard?).

Outer Sanctum Slogans:

Kitchen Slogans:

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