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Head back to Ranger Citadel for a new assignment. Unless we hit a detour is a quest in Wasteland 2.


After the Rangers hook up the third transmitter in Damonta, the Red Skorpion Militia goes berserk. General Vargas asks the player's team to investigate.


  • Head over to the Prison to confront Commander Danforth.
  • Danforth will speak to the player over the intercom at the perimeter of the Prison. Do not try to enter it - the turrets outside instakill.
  • Instead, head over to the farm west of the Prison. Kill everyone and talk to the single survivor, a farmer near the chicken house.
  • Turns out, he poisoned the poor dogs that belonged to the RSM. Accept his cure and head over to the prison.
  • At this juncture:
    • The player can slaughter everyone. Vargas might consider this a suboptimal solution, but it works.
    • Set up a truce by inquiring about the dogs, then promising to cure them.
    • Secure an alliance by asking about how the RSM enslaves people, then pursuing the dialogue tree (Smart Ass required).
  • In all three instances, the quest is complete.