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Heidi Hollander was the head of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and previous proprietor of Heidi's Hollywood Hideaway.


As ruthless as she was beautiful, Madame Hollander was the power behind the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the key payer of HSP salaries. Her establishment, the Hideaway, offers pleasures of the flesh to any paying clientele with all tastes accommodated. Her offer, modeled on stars of the pre-War world includes a truly stunning array of talents. Her closest employee and friend is Veronica, raised under her tutelage to become an expert in accommodating... Unconventional tastes.

To honour her harlot heritage, Heidi named herself after two of the most famous madams in pre-apocalypse history, Xaviera Hollander and Heidi Fleiss, both self-made women whose ambition helped them rise to the top of their field.

Two years after Team Echo's visit, Heidi passed away, with her establishment being taken over by Veronica.[1]


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This character starts quests.

Help Heidi Hollander find out if Mistress Veronica is in love
Help Heidi take over the Bastion of Faith.

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This character has other interactions.
  • Heidi will explain the services available at her brothel and will give rangers information on Hollywood and its inhabitants.



  1. No Way Home p.27: "Angela followed them up another flight of stairs to the main floor, where an old conference room had been redecorated as a formal dining area. Mindy spent an entire hour once talking about the furniture and wallpaper and Mistress Veronica’s preference for working out deals over a fancy dinner—or in her dungeon, depending on the problem to be solved—instead of the office of the brothel’s previous owner, Heidi Hollander. (Mindy talked about people long dead as if they were just in the other room, but she didn’t mind carrying the conversation during their walks so Angela could focus on getting used to her new prosthetic instead.)"