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Help Doctor Tidemann look for a cure for cancer is a quest in Wasteland 2.


The player can cure Dr Tidemann by finding a cure for cancer, though he doesn't believe it even exists.


  • The cure is located in the underground portion of Darwin village, on the second underground level. It's located in a locker behind the locked door to the southwest. Just go south from the air purifier, and access the western door.
  • The clue to the password for entry into Darwin is engraved on a cyborg head inside the Ranger Citadel Museum. The code to facility is PROTEUS. Rose will come in handy while trying to locate it, as she already knows the code.
  • The clue for the second level west door can be found on a table near the ladder you climb down. The code is IRWIN.
  • The code to the last locked door is ICEBERG.


  • Dr Tidemann will give a generous discount on all medical supplies purchased from him.