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Help Dr. Horchata cure the disease affecting Rodia is a quest in Wasteland 2.


A terrifying disease has hit the town of Rodia, killing farmers by the dozen. It is apparently a parasitic disease, as death is accompanied by the presence of white, grubby worms in the body of the diseased.


  1. Talking to Robert Horchata allows the player to offer to help him find a solution.
  2. The first step is to head to the Angel Oracle and procure a microscope. Short of shooting Dr Edwinson, the player can convince him to hand it over with Hard Ass 8 or Smart Ass 8. Note: The microscope can just be taken from the small room in the hospital (unsure is this is only in the director's cut edition)
  3. After delivering it, the good doctor asks the player to go to the well in the crater and see if there's anything poisoning the waters there. The hook is to be used on the well.
  4. Using it reveals a dead Evolved synth in the water, whose corpse is the source of the rotten worms.
  5. Horchata will then ask the player to put disinfectant in the water to kill off the worms.
  6. This will complete the quest.


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