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Help Heidi take over the Bastion of Faith is a Hollywood quest in Wasteland 2.


Help Heidi and the Hollywood Security Patrol eliminate God's Militia (referred to as the Pistol Packing Priests) and take over The Bastion in Griffith Park.

Quick Walkthrough[]

After helping Heidi figure out if Veronica is in love, Heidi will ask the player to open the gate to the bastion and ensure that it remains unlocked. If the player is not attempting to join gods militia and/or make peace between them and Hollywood, the easiest way to do this is to agree to become an Aspirant and to take the challenge of the Gauntlet of Samson. When the player completes this challenge, they will be able to open the gate. If the player immediately uses a weapon on the console after opening the gate, this will complete the quest and turn all the militiamen hostile.

Detailed Walkthrough[]


  • It is not possible to use the Computer Science, or Mechanical Repair skills to disable the door console without starting combat.
  • This is a large battle with several powerful turrets and enemies that are out of range of the initial site of combat. It is advised that rangers use explosives to take out a large group of enemies as they "bottleneck" in the gate and to then take out the turrets as soon as possible.