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Help Kate Preston fix Highpool's irrigation system is a quest in Wasteland 2.


The irrigation system, damaged by a bomb thrown in by the Wrecking Crew, is at the risk of bursting, flooding the settlement and destroying the arable land, spelling doom for Highpool.


  • To complete this assignment, the Rangers have to shut down four valves throughout the facility.
  • The valves are located in sections 4, 5, 9, and 10.
  • Valve number 10 is damaged and requires a spare valve, found in section 2.
  • The complicated nature of the quest comes from the fact that a single Ranger has to remain at the control console and open adjoining airlocks to let the main party through by flipping the breakers. This has been removed in Director's Cut.
  • Return to Kate once everything is complete. She will leave to attend the vote. If the irrigation system was fixed, she will become mayor and move to the office (the old workshop, where Harold and the doc are). Upon talking to her, she will also give out the final reward.


  • Unlocks the next stage of the Highpool quest arc. Successfully completing this quest guarantees that Kate will be elected mayor. Talking to her will grant the reward (see infobox).