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Help a man find his dog is a quest in Wasteland 2.


Adam Doochin asks the Rangers to find his dog.


  • Consult the Highpool map for the dog's location.
  • Use the chew toy on her to get her to follow.
  • Deliver her straight to Adam. Don't let the dog get eaten by cockroaches or Doochin will refuse to talk to the Rangers, meaning the quest can't be completed.


  • 100 experience.

Journal entries[]

  • Adam Doochin, a citizen of Highpool, asked us to find his lost dog. He gave us her favorite chew toy to calm her.
  • We found a confused and angry dog wandering near the dam in Highpool. Perhaps she belongs to someone in town?
  • We offered Garoof her Busy Bee chew toy, calming her nerves. She's now following us.
  • We used our animal handling skills to calm the lost dog. She's now following us.
  • Garoof and Adam have been reunited.
  • We located Garoof's owner and returned her to him.
  • We couldn't calm Garoof down and had to put her to sleep. We're not looking forward to telling her owner.
  • We found Adam's dog, Garoof, but she's highly stressed. We need to calm her down.
  • We told Adam that Garoof is dead. He didn't take it well.
  • A man carrying a chew toy was killed. You wonder if he was the owner of the dog.
  • Adam was killed.


  • Using animal whisperer perk and then using it on another 3 animals makes quest completion impossible with either the perk or with the chew toy, this is done easily as it is often one of the first points in game that the players party use animal whisperer and the farm near by has many chickens