Help a man find his dog / Help a dog find her owner is a side-quest in Wasteland 2'.


The purpose of the quest is to locate Adam Doochin's pet dog Garoof who ran away after a shell fired by the Wrecking Crew landed on their home. The quest title and logbook entries will differ based on who you encounter first.


  • We found a confused and angry dog wandering near the dam in Highpool Perhaps she belongs to someone in town?
  • Adam Doochin, a citizen of Highpoool asked us to find his dog. He gave us her favorite chew toy to calm her.
  • We gave Garoof her Busy Bee chew toy, calming her nerves. She's now following us./We used our animal handling skills to calm the lost dog. She's now following us.
  • We located Garoof's owner and returned her to him.


  • The quest starts when you either encounter Garoof a little to the north-east of Sean Bergin's location or agree to help Adam Doochin find his dog.
  • Doochin will give you Garoof's favorite chew toy to calm her down. If you talk to her without using it, she'll eventually snap.
  • Using the chew toy or Animal Whisperer on her will calm her down and she'll start following you.
  • After dealing with Garoof, go talk to Adam. He'll either be thankful or angry depending on whether you brought her back or killed her.
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