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Herbicide is a tier 1 energy weapon in Wasteland 2.


Designed by Dr. Ryan Herbison as a hand-held weed killer for giant weeds, and nicknamed "Herbicide" in his honor, the good doctor thought it would prove equally effective against giant mushrooms and thus changed its name to "Fungicide." Unfortunately, Herbison was killed by an exploding pod person before he was able to test his hypothesis.


Energy weapons cannot jam or inflict Critical Hits, but deal bonus damage to targets with Conductive Armor.

Armor Damage Multipliers
Conductive 2.5x
Non-Conductive 0.4x

The weapon alerts enemies (generates noise) in a 20 unit radius.

While generally a good choice for lower level rangers, Herbicide can remain useful at higher levels with a ranger that has a large number of skill points invested in energy weapons or as a backup weapon for a ranger with energy weapons as a secondary combat skill. As the threat level of the enemies faced increases, the drawbacks of this weapon (such as a low armor penetration and relatively high AP cost) outweigh the positives (the three shot burst can have a very solid damage to AP ratio and it is very powerful against low level unarmored targets). Despite this, it can be an incredibly useful weapon during earlier missions and is often the first energy weapon the player will obtain if they did not start with an energy weapons specialist.


  • Located near the corpse of Dr. Herbison in the supply room of the mushroom caves beneath Ag Center.
  • Sold by merchant Harold Alder in Highpool (Possible glitch).
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