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Wasteland 2 Beta
This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate with the commercially available version.
AZ 01 Highpool

Highpool is a location in Wasteland 2 and one of the first towns you encounter alongside Ag Center.


Highpool is the home to a rather close-minded community of people, who are most notable for their loathing of the Desert Rangers. The town is built on an old reservoir, with large pools of water on top of a walled hill (hence the name "Highpool"). It supplied water to many of the communities in Arizona after the nuclear war.

This deep set hate comes from events that happened 15 years before, but which are still fresh in the minds of the townsfolk. Despite their strained relations with the Rangers, the town still supplied them with water and depended on their protection (since there was no one else to turn to until the Red Skorpion Militia came into the picture).

In 2087, a Rangers team led by Snake Vargas repaired the town's water purifier. They were however forced to kill an orphan named Bobby who attacked them after they killed his dog Rex. The Rangers were in turn attacked by a vigilante named Red Ryder. The townsfolk, terrified after Bobby's death, hailed the Red Ryder as a hero, ignorant of his own demise.

Highpool still remained under Ranger protection, though their patrols decreased and stopped by 2101. Some Rangers however continued to visit the area. The town started depending on the RSM for protection in exchange for water, but the mayor Jason Vickstrom never handed over the contract of security permanently to them.

In 2102, the town was attacked by a raider gang called the Wrecking Crew which had mysteriously acquired better weaponry and was led by Jackhammer, a woman who had her arm replaced with a jackhammer. The raiders succeeded in killing its mayor and many other residents, whilst also damaging the irrigation system.


This is the second mission in Wasteland 2 and is a choice whether to visit it before or after Ag Center. In 2102, Highpool was attacked by a raider group called the Wrecking Crew who killed the mayor Jason Vickstrom. A team of Red Skorpion Militia which included Harvard and Dogbreath, tried to come to aid of the town but were slaughtered in its underground tunnels by a synth.

Dialog ChoicesEdit

  • Protect Highpool from the Wrecking Crew.
    • finish them at their camp
  • Stop the wreckers attempting to break into Jess-Bell's safe.
  • Locate and recover Jess-Bell's "dowry".
  • Take Alexey's note to his 'soul mate' in Highpool.
    • take a rock back
  • Restore power to the radio tower.
  • Talk to Kate Preston in the tunnels under Highpool.
  • Help save a burning house.
  • Help a man find his dog.
all choices
Wormy Jim

  • Trade - discount if wreckers are killed
  • Goodbye


  • Help - stop wreckers in other room
    • Dowry
  • Red Skorpions
  • Goodbye

after HP tunnel

  • Dowry - give item - log book

Wrecking Crew in house

  • Loot - they open the safe and leave
  • Nasty - fight
  • Move Along - HA lv4 - they leave

Jess-Bell - after wreckers

  • Dowry
  • Father
    • Quest
      • Book
  • Saving - give note to her
    • Yes - mission to get dowry
    • No - end dialog
  • Never - SA - nothing?

Jess-Bell - after

  • Dowry
    • Father
      • Marks
        • Games
  • Goodbye


  • Killing - HA lv2 - leave to join battle
  • Die - KA lv2
    • Helping - leaves
    • Repay - leaves

Alexey Chuklin

  • Chai
    • Energy
      • Hug
        • Love
          • Help
            • Soul mate
              • Yes - get note - take to soul mate
                • Them
                  • Feel
              • No - end dialog
  • Goodbye

after Laddie

  • Message - give stone - log book
    • Stash - becomes merchant, with unique items

Sean Bergin

  • Radio
  • McNamara
    • Know - HA lv2
      • Red Skorpions
        • Children
  • Rangers - log book - restore power
    • History
      • Bobby
        • Rex
      • Highpool
  • Clowns
    • Wrecking Crew
    • Jackhammer
      • Warner
        • Life Saved
  • Irrigation - log book - talk to Kate
    • Kate Preston
  • Mayor
    • Vote
    • Law and order
  • Finish - log book - WCS on map finish them
  • Goodbye

Mark Stachowiak

  • Pipes
    • Pump
      • Pressure - HA lv2 - log book - find valve
      • Nearly - KA lv2 - log book - find valve
    • Aquifer - SA lv4 - log book - find valve
  • Goodbye

Can use Mechanical Repair if you don't have HA,SA,KA


  • Ruf
    • Wooff - log book
      • Rrufff - log book - receive small gray stone
        • Woff
  • Goodbye

Adam Doochin

  • Guess
    • Commotion
    • Dog
    • Help - receive chew toy
  • Goodbye


  • Smokes
  • Trade
  • Snake Squeezins
    • Traveling salesman
      • Murdered
  • Pump
  • Goodbye

after vote - kate

  • Arrested
    • Commission - HA - receive Vulture's Cry's gear

Dr. Scott Warner

  • Patch
    • Yes - heal party
    • No
  • Help
    • Irrigation system
    • Kate Preston
      • Mayor
        • Wreckers
      • Bergin
  • Goodbye


  • Cigarette
  • Give cigarettes - makes them leave
  • Wrist Rocket - together with marbles makes them leave
  • Marbles

Vulture's Cry

  • Service
  • Prisoner

after juvies leave

  • Rangers
  • Justice
    • Wrecking Crew
    • Trade
      • Cargo
      • Juvies
        • Noble Savage
          • Foreigners
  • Free
    • Guide
      • People
  • Help
    • Yes - end dialog, joins party once set free
    • No - end dialog
  • Goodbye

Kate Preston

  • Rangers
  • Bergin
  • Crisis Two
    • Wrecking Crew
  • Crisis Three
    • Mayor
      • Vote
    • Lights
    • Signal - log book
    • Water
    • Topsoil
    • Help - 4 release valves, areas 4,5,9,10
  • Goodbye

after vote for her - get ship in bottle & jail cell key for Vulture's Cry

  • Bergin
  • Mayor
  • Red Skorpions
  • Water
    • Topsoil

after WC Stronghold completed

  • Stronghold - receive an item - grenade?


  • Affirmative
  • Copy


WL2 Highpool Map Walkthrough
  • Doors, world, sewer, house, hall
  • Wrecking Crew
  • Chest,Trash bag, dirt, safe
  • Landmines
  • Wormy Jim - Merchant
  • Statue +1 skill point
  • Hall - water purifier - engine, pump then mechanical repair (level 4 challenge)
  • Vulture's Cry
    • Gear at Hall store after vote, G43-W, 20 .30-60, Unusual Bow, Pet Rock


WL2 Highpool Underground Map Walkthrough
  • Landmine
  • Bat shit - keep and bring to RC
  • JB dowry in safe
  • key for trapped chest, if you have no skills
  • 1 cockroaches
  • 2 valve item, containers
  • 3
  • 4 valve, containers
  • 5 valve, containers, cockroaches
  • 6 radio power switch, cockroaches
  • 7
  • 8 cockroaches
  • 9 valve, containers, cockroaches
  • 10 use valve item from 2, container




Pic Name Location Info
WL2PortraitDefaultmaleTownie x2Entranceflees away
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew03Wrecker BasherSEhostile, explosive tank nearby
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew02Wrecker Gunner x2SEhostile
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew02Wrecker GunslingerSEhostile
Wl2 portrait gipper01Wormy JimSWmerchant
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew02Wrecker GunnerSWhostile
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew02Wrecker Gunslinger x2SWhostile
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew03Wrecker BasherSWhostile
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew03Wrecker CutterSWhostile
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew03Wrecker Basher x2Mortarhostile
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew02Wrecker Gunslinger x2Mortarhostile
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew02Wrecker GunnerMortarhostile
Wl2 Portrait JesseBellJess-BelleHousedialog, rid of Wreckers and find dowry
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew03Pry BarHousedialog, fights or leaves
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew03Pole AxeHousedepends on dialog with Pry Bar
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew02Dump StarHousedepends on dialog with Pry Bar
Wl2 BackerPortrait AlexeyChulklinAlexey ChuklinWdialog, deliver letter to soul mate
ChickenChickenWAnimal Whisperer (grants +1 luck)
WL2PortraitDefaultmaleTownie x2Centerallies
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew02Wrecker Gunslinger x2Centerhostile
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew02Wrecker Gunner x2Centerhostile
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew03Wrecker Basher x4Centerhostile
WL2 Portrait DefaultfemaleTownieCenterally
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew02MaulNhostile
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew03Dead FallNhostile
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew03Blasting CapNhostile
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew01JackhammerNhostile
Wl2 portrait wreckcrew02Wrecker Gunner x2Nhostile
WL2PortraitDefaultmaleTownie x3Level 2 crane ally
Wl2 portrait genericmale01Sean BerginLevel 2 cranedialog
Ws2 art port mut nukepooch 01GaroofLevel 2 Westpotentially hostile; use Animal Whisperer or Chew Toy
Wl2 portrait ranger03Mark StachowiakLevel 2 eastdialog - find and use valve
Wl2 portrait farm02TownieLevel 2 Westally
WL2PortraitDefaultEnemyTownieLevel 2 Westally
Wl2 portrait farm01TownieLevel 2 Westally
Wl2 portrait teen02Juvie x6Level 2 Northgive Coffin nails, marbles, or wrist rocket
Ws2 art port mut nukepooch 01LaddieLevel 2 Northdialog - receive stone
Wl2 portrait farm01TownieLevel 2 Northally
Wl2 portrait farm01TownieLevel 2 Southally
Wl2 portrait farm02TownieLevel 2 Southally
Wl2 portrait manner02Adam DoochinLevel 2 Northdialog - receive chew toy, find
Wl2 portrait farm01TownieLevel 2 Northally
Wl2 portrait farm01TownieLevel 4 Eastally
Wl2 portrait farm01TownieLevel 2 Centerally
Wl2 portrait farm02TownieLevel 2 Centerally
Wl2 portrait gipper02James BuntineLevel 2 Graveally
Wl2 portrait genericmale05HaroldHalldialog - shop
WL2PortraitDefaultEnemyHarold's BodyguardHallally
WL2PortraitDefaultEnemyHarold's BodyguardHallally
Wl2 Portrait SodaJerkDr. Scott WarnerHalldialog
WL2PortraitDefaultmaleMan x3Halluse surgeon skill x3
WL2 Portrait DefaultfemaleWoman x3Halluse surgeon skill x3
Wl2 Portrait Cerritos-QuestGIverKaren ErinsonLevel 2 Northvote moderator, appears after fixing pipes


Pic Name Location Info
Wl2 Portrait KatePrestonKate PrestonTunnelsdialog
Wl2 CockroachCockroach x4Tunnels 1hostile
Wl2 CockroachCockroach x3Tunnels 5hostile
Wl2 CockroachCockroach x3Tunnels 6hostile
Wl2 CockroachCockroach x2Tunnels 8hostile
Wl2 CockroachCockroach x3Tunnels 9hostile


  • Unity file names: AZ02_Highpool.unity3d, AZ02_HighpoolUnderground.unity3d

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