History of the Ag Center, Part 1
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A few type-written pages stuffed in a manila envelope labeled "Ag Center History." There are a lot of XXXXs and penciled in corrections on the pages.



History of the Ag Center

by Matt Forrestal

I reckon now that we're getting settled in and the place is starting to run itself, this is as good a time as any to put down what I've learned about the Ag Center in my few years here. I can't say this is a full history or anything, but if I don't write it down I don't know who will.

The Agricultural Center didn't start as an Agricultural Center. Before the war, it was a satellite relay facility used by the military, though heck if I know what exactly for. The place was secret enough not to be hit when the bombs fell, and the old satellite dish still stands intact.

From records I found in old filing cabinets, it seems that after the end, the soldiers and researchers stationed here joined up with the nearby farmers at the agricultural station, who had also survived the war relatively unscathed. The farmers' knowledge of planting and husbandry, combined with the researchers organizational skills and the soldiers tactical training, soon made Ag Center one of the most thriving communities in the wastes.