History of the Ag Center, Part 4
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History of the Ag Center

by Matt Forrestal

I hauled myself here as soon as I recovered, and I've been here ever since. I hope I've done more good than bad since. At least the place is more secure now than when I arrived, and we have trading deals in place with Highpool and the Rail Nomads, which puts us and many of the other communities around us in a better position as far as food and water are concerned. Trade and communities supporting one another has been one of the hardest things to nail down since the war, and you can see how much everyone benefits. We get water from Highpool, transportation from the Rail Nomads, and they all get food from us, as do many others. Now if we can just keep it all stable, Arizona will really start going places.

As for Ag Center, it's maybe still a bit more of a hodgepodge than I hoped. We're still more a group of strangers working together than a true community, but with the oddball minds I have to work with here (I swear, if Honeydew starts on me about his melons one more time...) I guess it's the best we can do. And heck, it's pretty good!