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The Hobo Oracle lives in a wagon of the Train in the settlement of the Desert Nomads. Give him a bottle of Snake Squeezins and he gives you a vision. He died in 2095.[1]


  1. You stare with utter disbelief as the Snake Squeezins vanishes down his throat. The Hobo smiles, his eyes glaze over, and he burps. "Beware the man who has lived longer than the Wasteland." Your oracle's eyes clear and he smiles drunkenly.
  2. The Hobo guzzles Snake Squeezins the way an assault rifle gobbles bullets. His eyes glaze over and his voice deepens. "Those who guard the past guard the secret to immortality."
  3. The Snake Squeezins vanish into the Hobo faster than water evaporates in the desert. The Hobo smiles quizzically, his eyes get a distant look, and he burps. "Trust the one born beneath the battlefield."
  4. Snake Squeezins lubricate the Hobo's throat and loosen his mind to travel places unknown to the sane. "Man before wife, save a life."
  5. The hastily inhaled Snake Squeezins dull the hobo's eyes and deepen his voice. He tells you, "A body is only a box to keep your mind in."
  6. The Hobo quickly drains the bottle of Snake Squeezins and drops into a trance. Then, uttering each work metronomically, he says "A steel storm threatens the City of Gold."
  7. Snake Squeezins drip off the Hobo's chin as he drains the bottle. His eyes grow distant and his voice drops an octave. "To the mother who speaks in riddles comes a child of promise. Aid her and aid justice."
  8. The Hobo finishes the Snake Squeezins in record time and smiles wisely at you. He burps. "One man's dream is another's nightmare, but a machine's dream is everyone's nightmare."
  9. The Hobo nods to you, and then drains the bottle of Snake Squeezins. "Twins born by the same hands," he intones solemnly, "are twins no more. Wake the sleeper to cure the sick."
  10. The Hobo lowers the now empty bottle of Snake Squeezins and stares at you with glassy eyes. "Destroy the wombs and destroy the threat." He then passes out.


  • The first vision is a likely reference to Finster.
  • The second vision may be a reference to the Power armor guarded by the Guardians of the Old Order in the Guardian Citadel or the cloning facilities in the Sleeper Base.
  • The third vision may be a reference to Vax, a robot you can build and recruit in Base Cochise.
  • The fourth vision likely refers to Mayor Pedros and his wife, Felicia, a pair of Recruitable NPCs found at Quartz.
  • The fifth vision is also referencing Finster and the Mind Maze.
  • The sixth is a reference to the robot threat in Las Vegas.
  • The seventh vision references Ellen and her daughter Laurie in Quartz.
  • The eighth vision could be a reference to Base Cochise as the records on Harrison Edsel from the Sleeper Base indicate he was moved there to develop his artificial intelligence routines.
  • The ninth vision may reference Huey, Dewey and Louie in the Courthouse in Quartz.
  • The final vision likely refers to both the Sleeper Base and Base Cochise, which are both manufacturing threats - mutants and robots, respectively.


  1. Grave: "The tombstone reads: Here lies our Oracle. B?? Died 2095. We will miss his sage guidance."