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Hollywood is a location in Wasteland 2.

Overview[ | ]

Located beyond the radiation wall to the north, Hollywood is much like it was before the war: A den of scum, villainy, and libertarian debauchery. Vice is a commodity here, putting the visitors to the area in perpetual conflict with the neighboring God's Militia and their headquarters. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, run by Heidi Hollander, turns a blind eye to the more egregious infringements of personal liberty, like enslavement and drug dealing, as long as the money keeps flowing.

The peace is maintained by its dedicated, powerful (lace nonwithstanding) Hollywood Security Patrol. However, they have run into problems recently, due to the fact that their weapons shipment are being stolen. This, as well as the spread of salt addiction is a result of deliberate interference from the Children of the Citadel, who want to weaken Hollywood and make it ready for annexation.

Layout[ | ]

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