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Hoon Homestead is a location in Wasteland 3.


A large, but rustic hut housing the multigenerational Hoons family and their goats. The Hoons live a simple life, getting by through hunting game and growing crops in the greenhouse: Primarily beets, mushrooms, and cabbage. They live a simple life, away from the Colorado Springs.

Points of interest[]

The choice you make in the Heads or Tails quest willhave a major impact on how this place looks and what is in it.
  • This is a fairly small area. You start in the southwest and immediately run into the Dorseys at the door, if you chose to save the Hoons. Once they're dispatched (see Heads or Tails for details), you can access the main hut, where Angus and Avie Hoon will greet you. The Hoons will give you ammunition and increase Fame if you choose to say that you're the Desert Rangers. Search the house to find a broken toaster (Toaster Repair 1) and some locked cabinets. Grabbing the rifle will cause the Hoons to become hostile.
  • Go out the back to reach Billy and Jean's enclosure. Go all the way down the road to reach a survival bunker. Mind the tripwire inside (Sneaky Shit 4), or you'll be attacked by a pair of servitors. Then you can loot the bunker. To access the rear area, you can either repair the generator (Mechanics 3), then place someone on the pressure plate near the terminal and use the terminal to RELEASE_CREEP, or pick the lock on the left door (Lockpicking 6). Either way, you can read the Survivalist's diary.
  • Letting the Hoons perish during Heads or Tails will result in the homestead being sacked and the Dorseys putting the family to the sword. You will be unable to recruit Billy and Jean or access the survivalist bunker, but can still recover the skill book and the rifle.
  • The lone grave in the dead-end contains the body of Livia Buchanan.



if choosing to save the Hoons first during the quest Heads or Tails[]

Notable loot[]