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Hopi is a Merchant available at Damonta.


One half of the pair of the duo of hardcore mechanics from Damonta, Hopi is a native American who found love among the junk. She married Magee at the Temple of Titan and the two have been stripping old fighters and robots in the Damontan boneyard ever since.


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This character has other interactions.

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  • The Rangers can aid the pair and save them from the robots. In return, Hopi will give them Big Betty (if the Rangers bring her any firearm to cannibalize for the trigger) and allow them to repair and take Jaime with themselves.
  • If they are not saved and provided a gun to cannibalize by the time you leave the map, a Thresher Clawer will break into the garage and kill both her and Magee.
  • If the team has Vulture's Cry with them, she will talk to Hopi in Spanish:
    • Vulture's Cry: (translated) "Hey, sister, what's happening?"
    • Hopi: (translated) "Not much, except for these damn robots."
    • Vulture's Cry: (translated) "Yeah. America's leftover shit, am I right?"
    • Hopi: (translated) "True, true. They died, but their messes are still kicking."
    • Vulture's Cry: (translated) "Well, as always. Be careful."
    • Hopi: (translated) "Back at you, buddy."
  • If the player helps out Magee and Hopi while saving Damonta, the duo will join in on the final assault against Matthias.


Item Quantity
Shovel 1
.30-06 ammo 35
.38 ammo 70
.45 ammo 40
12 gauge ammo 45
5.56mm ammo 80
7.62mm ammo 75
9mm ammo 60
Energy cells 45