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Hoser is a craftable heavy machine gun in Wasteland 3.


This ramshackle machine gun looks like it was the result of a drunken escapade in a toolshed. Fires beer cans and bottles at targets. At best, they’ll have a hangover; at worse they’ll be blacked out for good.


The Hoser can be considered the best heavy machine gun in Wasteland 3. Its high damage output paired with the lowest AP cost of any HMG makes it an extremely deadly weapon. It uses custom ammo, empties, which can be crafted out of Boors after the Hoser has been built. Also noteworthy is the unique Bonus of the Hoser, which is the 25% chance of inflicting the Hungover de-buff on the targeted enemy per attack.

Field stripping results[]


Ingredients to produce one (1) unit
Components Requirements

10 Weird Science


Monster Army Bunker: Recipe can be found in a container at the cinema theater.