Hospital: The hospital is where you go to be cured from the many deadly diseases that Wasteland has to offer the unlucky adventurer. In addition, hospitals can also treat your injuries; both services come at a price.WL ani 100

Hospitals are found in the following locations:

Location Exam Curing Healing
Highpool- SE Corner. Best value. See note in Highpool to prevent losing this hospital. $25 $50 $5/CON
Quartz- Quack's Clinic in the NW corner of town. $30 $70 $5/CON
Temple of the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud - The SE corner of the temple. $95 $150 $15/CON
Las Vegas- In the SW end of town. $100 $200 $10/CON

Darwin Village- Jekyll's Body Shop In the SE corner of town.

$250 $250 $20/CON
Sleeper Base Level 2- Two of them, along the W edge of the level. $200 $200 $25/CON
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