Howdy is a character in Wasteland 2.


Howdy is a cowboy who works alongside Jill Yates and oversees the other cowboys. He is spiteful of the Desert Rangers because they killed his brother who had become a raider in order to fend for himself, Howdy and his sister.

In 2102, his group was jumped by raiders before they reached the Canyon of Titan, but they escaped by reaching the territory of the Mad Monks.

Player interactionsEdit

Upon first encountering Team Echo, Howdy will tell Jill not to trust the Rangers for help. He will be very hostile to Rangers while talking and will tell them to get lost.

If the player kills the cows, leads to death of any member of his group or asks him about his brother multiple times, he will become hostile. He'll also tell you to stay away from his cows if you talk to them.

After you reach Damonta, you can find his corpse in the southwest corner of the map, having sacrificed himself to save Jill and other members of his party after they were ambushed by robots.

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