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The Hundred Families are a faction in Wasteland 3.


The richest and most powerful group in all of Colorado,[1] and citizens of Colorado Springs, descended from the survivalist families who founded the Patriarch's nation when he united them in approximately 2057,[2] in order to combat and overthrow Colorado's former ruling gangs,[3] such as the Monster Army.[4] Despite their name, the Hundred Families were only composed of sixty-three individual families, with their current name chosen due to it sounding better.[5]

Most of the Families are dedicated to rebuilding America as it was before the bombs, utilizing mercenaries as bodyguards and enforcers to maintain their rule.[6] Others left the group or were massacred, such as the Dorseys, who left the group around 2087 due to challenging the Patriarch's rule.[7] As a result of the power the Families hold, the richest and most influential of the Families live closest to the Patriarch and his palace, in Broadmoor Heights.[8] In addition, Aspen served as the Families' vacation retreat and yearly Colorado affairs summit meeting place,[9][10] with the Families monitoring Interstate 82 in order to keep the road clear.[11]

Notable/Known families[]


  • The effects of the reputation are as follows:
    • Hated:
    • Disliked:
    • Neutral:
    • Liked:
    • Loved: Enables Showdown at the Broadmoor (peaceful transition of power) if Patriarch's Marshalls also have Loved reputation.

Gaining reputation[]


Propaganda posters


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