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For the Ion beamer in Wasteland, see Ion beamer.

Ion beamer (Wasteland 2) is a tier 6 energy weapon in Wasteland 2.


The Ion Blaster's big brother, it projects twice as many beams, twice as fast. Melts twice as many faces.


Energy weapons cannot jam or inflict Critical Hits, but deal bonus damage to targets with Conductive Armor.

Armor Damage Multipliers
Conductive 2.4x
Non-Conductive 0.6x

The weapon alerts enemies (generates noise) in a 20 unit radius.

The favourite energy weapon of the late-game's Children of the Citadel pulse gunners, the Ion Beamer is, in fact, quite subpar despite being listed as tier-6. It has a burst mode, sure, but doing only 40-50 damage per shot to targets with at least 7 armor along with high AP cost makes this weapon unemployable in real combat. Let it remain in your enemy's hands - and thank goodness they aren't carrying as many death rays instead.