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Irv is a character in Wasteland 3.


A researcher looking for data on cloning and related technologies. Irv is actually a fourth-generation clone of Irwin John Finster - and not even a particularly good one, as while he can use his cloning technology, he can't really make proper clones to save his life.[1] Literally: The clones of himself he created to create friends for himself gradually turned homicidal and ran him out of his apartment.[2] Irv has been looking for a way to fix the clones and regain access to his apartment ever since.

Irv was "born" in the cloning laboratories of Cheyenne Mountain, where the previous Finster clone experimented with cloning and attempted to perfect the formula. Irv isn't aware if his "father" was Irv the 10th or 110th, but he does know that a bandit attack caused a security breach when he got out, with Finster's books in tow.


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This character is involved in quests.

Don't You Be My Neighbor

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Irv can be hired as a clone technician for the Ranger HQ in the progress of the above quest.



  1. Wasteland 3 protagonist: "We found some papers in your apartment written by Irwin John Finster. Is that your real name?"
    Irv: "I..." He looks around nervously. "Please don't tell the Marshals, but I'm one of his clones. Unfortunately, I'm fourth generation - at least - so I'm not as smart as the original. Smart enough to use Doctor Finster's notes to get the cloning machine working again, but..." ::sighs:: "But not smart enough to make good quality clones. I can't even make one as good as myself, and I'm not that good. Bits of me don't work very well at all."
  2. Wasteland 3 protagonist: "Why should you care? They weren't exactly human, were they?"
    Irv: "Awwww, poor clones. Yeah, they weren't as human as I wanted them to be. I screwed up the formula somehow. Well... well, I guess I'm kinda afraid to make friends the normal way, so I made them an... abnormal way. Only I didn't do it very well. When they came out of the chamber there was something wrong with them. They were really, really stupid, and really, really crazy. And they just got crazier day by day. If... if I hadn't run out of the apartment today, they would have killed me. I'm a bad father. I'm a bad, bad father."