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Itsy, Bitsy, Spyder is a quest in Wasteland 3.




Raw strings[]

Itsy, Bitsy, Spyder
 Clear level 1, level 4 & level 5
 Let R.A.M. & R.E.M. know the way is clear so they can escape.
 A winner is you
 With out R.A.M. there is no reason for R.E.M. to go.
 With out R.E.M. there is no reason for R.A.M. to go.
 Begin the search
 Help R.A.M. find R.E.M. so they can escape
 Clear the path so R.A.M. & R.E.M. can get to the helicopter pad
 You Failed
 You Failed
 R.E.M. is in one of the lower levels
 Level 1 is clear
 Level 4 is clear
 Level 5 is clear