WL ani 129
race: Human
level: Private
stats: ST 8 IQ 10 LK 8 SP 8 AGL 8 DEX 8 CHR 12 SKP 3 MAXCON 10
skills: Brawling 1, Knife fight 1, Pugilism 1, Swim 1, Perception 1, Silent move 1, Skill points 3
location: Highpool Cave

Jackie is a young resident of Highpool who has gone missing. She can be found trapped in the nearby cave and may be recruited by the player. Despite her low stats, Jackie is often the first recruitable NPC encountered by the player. Thus, she may be useful early-game as an equipment mule or damage dealer/absorber.

She comes equipped with a knife, a canteen and a match.

Ironically, the only known time you need a match in the game is just before you encounter her, although it is rumored that you can get more loot in the Agricultural Center cave by using a match upon entering