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We are all custom-made creatures, aren't we? Assembled of genomes and proteins and other delights. Either way, this is not the occasion to dither over semantics.

Jane Doe is a recruit in Wasteland 3.


The woman is small-boned and rangy, pale skin and nails seemingly blued by the air. There's something odd about her face - both the nostrils and ears are tiny, nearly vestigial-looking.

Jane Doe, or rather, Specialist-45, is a soldier crafted by the FADER collective at the Cheyenne Mountain. Jane is a rogue FADER who deserted the Cheyenne Collective after realizing that there was much more to life, than just endlessly doing General-3's bidding. As the FADERs consider themselves to be legitimate members of the Air Force, she is technically AWOL (absent without leave) and she is further guilty of mutiny, inciting other FADERs to oppose General-3. Since then, she has fled and hid in Colorado.


WL2 Skill Icon Barter.png
This character is a party member.
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This character starts quests.



  • Homecoming: Jane would have represented the mutinous option for dealing with the FADER collective, as she opposes General-3's command and decision to recycle soldiers without letting them grow and benefit from the accumulated experience. The Rangers could hire her on and lead the mutiny... Or betray Jane and hand her over to General-3 in return for an alliance with the FADERs.