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Jess-Belle is a character found in Highpool


Jess-Bell has been raised in a sheltered environment by her father, leading to her developing a number of odd... Convictions. She believes that she is a princess waiting for a knight in shining armor. Life has yet to verify her views. When the Rangers come, she mistakes them for RSM troops and asks them for help: She has lost her dowry in the attack perpetrated by the wrecking crew.

Being raised on an old book of fairy tales by her father, she has a very warped perception of the world, convinced that she is a dame deserving of a good husband, though since all men are pigs and sleep with whores, eligible bachelors are few and far in between. Her father convinced her that he was going away on a quest to find her a proper husband - the Rangers can break that illusion.


WL2 Skill Icon Smartass.png
This character starts quests.

Locate and recover Jess-Bell's "dowry"