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RSM Enterprises. They're the nice folks who are turnin' this dusty old backwater into a thriving farming community. I couldn'ta got this farm up and runnin' without 'em.

Jim Auwaerter is the owner of Auwaerter's Farm and a crucial supporter of the RSM.


A round-faced old fellow in a plaid shirt and denim overalls. He looks like every child's favorite grandpa. Everything this guy is wearing is awfully clean, and so are his hands. No dirt under his nails, and no calluses on his palms.

Jim is a fervent believer in the Red Skorpion Militia: To him, they are doing good work, making the wasteland a livable place for everyone, especially in Happy Valley. His belief blinds him to the fact that in order to provide for and staff his farm, the Red Skorpions are enslaving people and robbing those supposedly under their protection. However, it's entirely possible that Jim is actually deliberately faking his old man persona just to play the old Good Cop - Bad Cop with his slaves.

In combat Jim will say "always some killin' to do around the farm."


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This character has no special interactions.


  • Jim is a purely flavor character.