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Karl Ludlow is a character in Wasteland 3: Battle of Steeltown.


The brutish chief of security for Abigail Markham's Steeltown, Ludlow is a monster of a man who prefers to resolve all of his conflicts with violence and suffering (of his victims, of course). Since Salene Crow has started the strike, he's been trying to contain it with a variety of beatings, intimidation, more beatings, torture, and even more beatings. He is confused as to why violence has not worked yet, and would like to use even more violence to try and force a solution.

What he really wants is to protect his little fiefdom: Ludlow created a pyramid of corruption, forcing workers to work shifts as long as twelve to sixteen hours, forcing them to pay for basic things, like sleeping or using the toilet (not to mention food), and generally making a killing at the expense of the workers. How did he ever land in this position? The computation engine highlighted him as a peacemaker and negotiator.


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Factory Fracas



  • Ludlow shares his name with the Ludlow Massacre, when National Guard and Pinkertons massacred coal workers and their families.