Dr. Kathy Lawson is a character in Wasteland 2.


Kathy is of African-American descent and was the science team leader of Ag Center in 2102. She was mentored by Rose.


Player interactionsEdit

Kathy will be first heard on the radio after finishing the quest Search near the radio tower for the repeater units Captain Ace was carrying and talking to General Vargas. Heading south from the Ranger Citadel, she'll send a distress call for help.

If you chose to help Highpool first instead of Ag Center, the mutated plants and insects will destroy Ag Center. Everyone except Kathy will die but you will find her being crushed by vines of a mutated tree.

Upon talking to her, she'll inform you that the plague that destroyed Ag Center, might have spread to other places and you'll need to monitory your radio to find out which locations have bene infected. She will be killed after you finish talking.

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