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Kathy Lawson is the science team leader of the Agricultural Center.


A tall woman with dark skin and prominent cheekbones, Kathy wears a white lab coat and wears her hair in a simple, practical bun. She is not particularly thrilled about the Rangers taking their sweet time responding to the emergency at the agricultural center, as she had been forced to watch her team die on the CCTV network. She is mentored by Rose, a former Guardian, and made the call to bring Doctor Larsen onboard...

Two years after Team Echo defeated the Cochise AI, the Agricultural Center has suffered due to the Rangers choosing Highpool over the center, with both Rose and Matt Forrestal perishing during the battle,[1] leaving Lawson to maintain the center, with added radiation due to the nuclear blast.[2]


WL2 Skill Icon Smartass.png
This character starts quests.

Shut down the irrigation to halt the spread of infection
Work with Kathy Lawson to find a cure for the Ag Center outbreak
Add the antifungal serum to the reservoir in East Greenhouse



  • If the player chose not to save the agricultural center, going to Highpool instead, Kathy will be found trapped in vines outside the center itself and give the player the cure for the outbreak and ask them to save the infected locations. She cannot be saved.



  1. No Way Home p.35-36: "Pete fidgeted with his pistol. “Rose was a good woman,” he said quietly.
    “I knew her as well,” Brother Thomas added. “We carry her loss with us.” He lifted his cross for a moment in silent prayer.
    “She was a great
    scientist and I needed her here,” Kathy said, “just like I needed Matt, the same as I needed to not have another damn nuclear bomb go off in my backyard. But you Rangers don’t exactly think about the big picture. Shoot first and leave the rest for people like me to figure out.” She sighed then, and her shoulders dropped as if all the fight had suddenly drained out of her. She sat down on the nearest chair with a graceless thud, staring at her desk."
  2. No Way Home p.35: "“Matt was at the Last Battle?”
    “Last stand, last battle, last war to end all wars,” Kathy snapped. “Why do soldiers always call things the ‘Last’? It sounds grand and heroic but it’s never true. There’s always another one.” She kept talking before Angela could respond. “Yes, he took off as soon as he heard what was happening, fat lot of good that did any of us. Vargas still blew the place up, adding to the local radiation and making my job even harder.”"