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Knottsburg is a small settlement located in West Arizona.

Background[ | ]

Once this was a sleepy little community - a few farms, a bar, a jail. Now it's a buzzing jungle, with the farms, the bar and the jail buried deep in pulsing, creaking foliage. Knottburg was affected by a mutating disease from the Agricultural Center that was spread there by pigeons. By the time the Desert Rangers arrived to assist the locals several had succumbed to the disease and had turned into pod people.

The survivors had been evacuated to the town's jail by the sheriff but found themselves unable to escape when the jail was overgrown by mutant plants.

Characters[ | ]

Layout[ | ]

  • A small, simple location. There are two primary approaches to the nutrient tank, with the upper one being more tactically advantageous.
  • The building near the start contains the survivors of the town. Shooting the plant mass will release them, allowing the player to claim the contents of the Sheriff's safe (the code is Mayberry).
  • The nutrient vat for the ag center serum is guarded by at least three pod people and three infected supafly critters.