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Knox Bison Ranch is a location in Wasteland 3.


A large, prosperous ranch, where the Knox family has raised bison for generations.

Points of interest

  • A small, compact ranch. As you arrive, it's under siege by a band of Scar Collectors at the eastern door. The ranchers get out after you get rid of them, completing one part of Hard Knox Life. Darryls will be out front, with two generic ranchers at the camps to the east (be sure to check the pack there for the bison skull ornament for the Kodiak).
  • The path behind the ranch is to the west. Mind the traps (frag mines are Explosives 8, the tripwire is Explosives 10, so keep that in mind). You can discover a hidden trail through the snow pile to the side, letting you bypass the whole trap.
  • Out north are "vermin"(Ice Hopper) by the watering hole. Giant, 300 pound mutated frogs that prey on bison. There's six of them. Loot the bodies for some good weapons and equipment. The grave there has Larry's head for the Head Hunter quest.
  • Before leaving, be sure to check the main ranch for a broken toaster(Toaster Repair 8) that contains the bi-metallic gold alloy filament, part of the golden toaster.


Notable loot

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