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The Kodiak is the Desert Rangers' main vehicle in Wasteland 3, a scrappy all terrain armored personnel carrier with a heavy roof-mounted weapon that is one of the few vehicles that weren't destroyed at the Eleven Mile Dam by the Dorseys ambush.

Overview[ | ]

The Kodiak is used to transport Team November across Colorado, navigating its snowed-in reaches with ease thanks to its heavy duty tracks. With the weapon on its roof, it can also provide heavy duty support wherever it's needed.

Upgrades[ | ]

See Kodiak upgrades for a full list. The Kodiak can be upgraded and heavily customized. Upgrades include:

  • Chassis (necessary for protecting against radiation)
  • Armor: Exactly what says on the tin.
  • Weapons: Self-explanatory
  • AI module: Single upgrade to make it more powerful.

Cosmetic customization encompass:

  • Paintjobs
  • Treads
  • Hood ornaments
  • Horns
  • Bumpers