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The LA Rangers are an independent branch of the Desert Rangers operating in Los Angeles.


The LA Rangers formed around Rangers recruited by Team Echo after the defeat of Cochise AI at the Ranger Citadel. Composed of new recruits and veterans, organized around Pistol Pete and Brother Thomas, among others, they followed the example of the Desert Rangers in bringing order and justice to California. Their main achievement is the rescue and return of Angela Deth to Arizona.

Relations with the outside[]

The Rangers are on good terms with the factions of Los Angeles, thanks to the efforts of Team Echo in stabilizing the region and reconciling warring factions, such as the God's Militia and Hollywood. Rodia is a particularly strong source of support, thanks to their efforts in breaking the grip of the Leather Jerks on the town and returning it to the people.


The LA Rangers use the same Desert Ranger badges as their founders.