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Private La Loca is a Ranger stationed at the Ranger Citadel. She returns in Wasteland 3.


La Loca is an Atchison from Rail Nomad. She learned to fight during her tribe's feud with the Topekans, and earned her nickname by walking right into the Topekan meeting hall and throwing bags of Waste Wolf poop at Kekkahbah and his Choppers (and promptly being punished by being staked out in the sun for days, laughing all the time). She's a demon with a shotgun.

She was sent with the second wave of Rangers into Colorado, under Maj. Vera Prasad. Separated from the rest of the team, she joined the group under Riley Woodson and made for Aspen. After capture by the Breathers, she was tortured. What they didn't expect was that La Loca isn't tortured. She tortures. The amateur mutilation by the Breathers and forced cannibalism (eating her own pinkie, cut off by a clean and sharp knife) barely phased her.

What did phase her was a night in the industrial freezer of the resort, where she wound up after informing Victory's nutsack that army boots are bad for your child siring days. Gertrude the Gruesome took great joy in watching frostbite claim the Ranger. For La Loca, it was only an opportunity to practice her insults.


Wasteland 2[]

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This character is a party member.


La Loca can be recruited if the player has fewer than four Rangers in their party.

Wasteland 3[]

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Raising a Little Hell