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Let's Go Fry a Kite is a quest in Wasteland 3.


A horde of Godfishers are at the Gipper's gates.


  • A pure combat quest. The goal is simple: Sweep through the Denver ruins, find the three Godfisher camps, and wipe them out. They are located to the southwest of the statue (two camps) and at the oil field to the east, near the entrance to the Machine Commune (with Flensing-Ice). Once all three are dealt with, you will be asked to intercept a warband roving outside Denver.
  • When you approach the first camp, Mist-that-Burns will contact you over the radio and offer you a different deal: In return for sabotaging three terminals that control the Gipper statue, you'll be able to walk freely among the Godfishers and they'll wipe the Gippers out and kill Valor Buchanan for you. The same deal will be offered by Flensing-Ice if you haven't attacked the Godfishers yet.
    • The three terminal for this are located: 1. and 2. are inside the White House. 3. is in the shack south of the Reagan statue and needs Lockpicking 5 to open the door, then Mechanics 5 or a flame-based weapon to defrost the heating unit and access the terminal. See Build a Better Reagan for details.
  • If you choose to side with the Gippers, the Godfishers will attack the White House when you try leaving Denver. You will be contacted by Nancy Glory and can choose to participate in the subsequent fight.
  • If you helped the Gippers at first but your choice in Reagan Reborn led to a hostility with the Gippers and you are forced to wipe them out, Mist-that-Burns will return with a large number of Godfishers when you try to leave for the world map. She will be very angry that you stole their harvest. You can choose to leave or wipe them out as well for the Waste Dweller Helmet and giving the space to another gang. In this case you will have to fight them without the Gippers and Reagan's Statue to help you.



Raw strings[]

Let's Go Fry a Kite
Find and destroy the Godfisher camps in the Denver Ruins.
Sabotage the Reagan statue, or finish wiping out the Godfishers
Leave Denver and intercept the Godfisher warband.
Leave before the Godfisher horde arrives.
Help the Gippers fight the Godfishers.
A horde of Godfishers are at the Gipper's gates.\n\n\n[Reward: [Dropset: DRP_b1001_SisterGlory_Godfishers_Reward]]
Camps destroyed: [Global: b1001_Mission_GvG_GroupsDefeated] of 3
Sabotaged terminals = [Global: b1001_Mission_GvG_SabotageState] of 3\n\n\nCamps destroyed = [Global: b1001_Mission_GvG_GroupsDefeated] of 3\n
Seek out the Godfisher warband before they descend upon the ruins of Denver.
We abandoned the Gippers during the final Godfisher attack.
Vast numbers of Gippers and the Godfishers are dead. There may be scattered survivors, but as far as we can tell, no humans currently control the ruins of Denver.
We abandoned the Gippers to the Godfishers. Their Reagan statue was intact, so it's likely most of them survived.
We helped the Gippers fend off the Godfishers.
We ended up in combat with the Gippers.
The Gipper defenses are shattered. Leave Denver, and the Godfishers will wipe them out - as well as Valor - for you.
The last and largest wave of Godfishers has descended upon the Gippers.
The Godfishers on the western side of Denver's ruins have been dealt with.
We destroyed a Godfisher camp located in the eastern ruins of Denver.
The Gippers' oil field is clear of Godfishers.
We disabled a guarded terminal in the Gipper stronghold.
A backup generator for the Reagan statue is temporarily out of service.
The Reagan statue's off-site regulator is offline.\n
Mist-that-Burns waits at the southern crater, overlooking a radioactive void.
The Godfishers have asked us to side with them instead and sabotage the Reagan statue.