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Little Hell is a location in Wasteland 3.


Located at the summit of the mountain, this lodge used to be a retreat for the Hundred Families' elite and a spot for organizing summits. Now it's the site of an orgy of death and destruction perpetrated by the Patriarch's eldest son, Vic Buchanan.

Points of interest[]

  • The next stop is the Little Hell lodge, where you can rescue one of the hostages, Hardee Knox from becoming a well-roasted human meatloaf. He will reveal background about the Breathers and give some intel on Victory.
  • Inside the lodge wait Breathers. After splattering them, you can save Riley Woodson in the backroom. He'll call out to you after the shooting. (First Aid 6 helps stabilize him for the de-nailing procedure). Now, the final stop is a door with an intercom, beyond which Ash, the Breather asshole in charge of the whole massacre sits.
  • You can, of course, go straight inside through the lockpicking 1 door. The office is just next to the lobby. Of course, that will mean killing any remaining hostages. In total, you'll have nine hostages to rescue. We'll start counter-clockwise and take the already saved off the list.
    • Hardee Knox: Living barbecue at the start of the level.
    • Riley Woodson: Inside the lodge.
    • Llewellyn : South-eastern end of the Suites, the basement.
    • Ranger Rook and the Reeds (Violet Reed and Priscilla Reed): In the guest suites.
      • Rook requires stabilizing with First Aid 1. Check the duffel bag for a creepy doll.
      • The Reeds can be saved with Mechanics 8 by short-circuiting the box. Check the container for a cassette tape.
    • Estin Ward: Near the blood-filled swimming pool in the northwest. You'll have to blast your way through a good seven breathers to get to him. Then use Nerd Stuff 7 to unlock the test chamber and release him. Otherwise, you can unlock the sauna maintenance room and disconnect the breather tank to get around the skill level requirement. The Nerd Stuff 8 computer in the maintenance room also allows you to drain the pool and loot the bodies in the center.
    • Ranger La Loca: Inside the freezer in the kitchen, due west of the level 10 locked vault door. She's locked and tortured by Gertrude the Gruesome. Kill her to gain access to the freezer. Check the medical crate for the Anabolic Injector.
    • Pizepi Joren: Southwestern corner of the suites. The Gift and the Breathers inside aren't immediately aggressive and you can talk her down (grab the painting from the corridor to remind her of her past, be nice to her, find the bomb with Mechanics 7 and Explosives 8 inside her wheelchair). Note Dr. Hyde in the back room, a vendor.
  • The central part of the suites is occupied by the treasure vault. It's a level 10 door, but you can access it by using Llewellyn: Either kill him and cut the key out of him or mix some laxatives for him in the kitchen (Sodium (Na-2), Hydrogen (H), Oxygen (O-4), and Phosphorus (P)). He should shit the key right out (save before hand, as it can be bugged). Confronting Ash means deciding whether to let him walk away, killing him, or arresting him. Hard Ass 8 allows for learning of Vic's plan.
  • Once you deal with Ash, you will have the Patriarch Wing key necessary to confront Victory. The Patriarch's wing is even more fighting against the hardiest of the Breathers supported by laser turrets (which can be disabled by dealing with the generator, which is in an accessible spot this time around). Gwendolyn Reed is in the adjacent dining room, while Vic himself is in the back. After confronting him, be sure to loot everything, including the report on Saul's health, and inspect the map laying on the desk in the bedroom, to find out the locations of the Patriarch's late wives' graves.
  • Now, the main treasure vault. You can get in three ways:
    • Kill Llewellyn for the treasury key or give him the laxative to make him poop it out (which is frequently bugged).
    • Use Lockpicking 10.
    • Blow it open. Be prepared to use a lot of explosives or ammo for an automatic weapon dealing explosive damage. The door has some 5k hit points.
  • Inside you'll find a ton of items, including a full set of composite armor, a Sawsword (Wasteland 3), a random cybernetic, the Silver Dollar Necklace, and the gold-plated hammer you can use to open the fireplace in the lobby and acquire Patriarch's Prototype Hammer.



Notable loot[]

Treasure vault