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Little Vegas is a location in Wasteland 3.


Brygo’s Little Vegas nightclub is open all hours, and features a dance hall, lounge, and brothel. It is the favorite watering hole for Local 168, a mercenary company run by a former miner named Boulder. Faran Brygo employs a gang of machine-gun-wielding thugs to maintain order in his club, so that his recreation of the old glory of the Sin City may endure undisturbed.

A eunuch named Ken Doll runs the brothel in Brygo’s Little Vegas.

Points of interest[]

  • No town is complete without a den of scum and villainy and Little Vegas fits the bill. The entryway opens into the dance floor - with a Discobot playing the tunes, to boot - which is the hub of the whole area. The dance floor has the usual bar with the bartender pouring drinks, Brygo's capo, Charley Knowes, leaning against the counter, the back rooms and cells to the north, Faran's opulent lounge to the east, and the brothel up the stairs to the west.
  • In the brothel part you can enter the room marked as "private party". Be advised that the Local 168 don't take kindly to people coming in unannouced and unless you have Kiss Ass 3 or Hard Ass 4, you will be forced to fight them.
  • The fight will pull the enforcer away from the HVAC control computer by the entrance to Faran's lounge, allowing you to hack it and cause the furnace to burn the whole place down. Ahem.
  • The brothel has Ken Doll and a multitude of prostitutes.
  • You can play Black Jack and win 260 dollars if you bring 100 dollars and have Barter 4. You can win additional 260 dollars with Barter 5. Once you hit the second win, you are no longer allowed to play the one-armed bandits.
  • You can hack the one-armed bandits to win the 350 dollars jackpot with Nerd Stuff 4, or crack the same with Lock Picking 5. Once you are done, you are no longer allowed any games (also not Black Jack).
Shut down
  • If you arrest or kill Faran Brygo, Little Vegas will shut down and you'll eventually have to become a Buzzkill. The club will be taken over by Hundred Families' teens who launch a party and worst of all, play pen and paper RPGs. That can't stand. The main area is where Troy and Brandi are, while upstairs is the RPG crew.


Brothel (prostitutes grant 20 minute buffs)
  • Ken Doll, the head.
  • Ten of Hearts, beauty and Kwon's favorite prostitute. Ace in the Hole buff (+25% to critical chance)
  • Jack off Hearts, a male prostitute. Shuffled buff (+1 AP)
  • Queen of Hearts, a dominatrix. Bad Beat buff (+15% to Evasion)
  • King of Hearts, a bear daddy. Royal Flush buff (+25% hit chance)
  • Ace Of Hearts, a voluptuous vixen vexing her vest. Ace in the Hole buff (+25% to critical chance)
    • When you open the door, you meet Benjie Braddock, a rather nervous little man.
  • Joker, a goat. Kicker (+4 to Penetration)
Brygo's security
Partying teens (if shut down)

Notable loot[]