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Loading Dock is a location in Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation.


This used to be Cheyenne's shipping and receiving department. Now it's the Nucleists' shipping and recieving department.

Points of interest[]

  • Welcome to what's basically one huge encounter with proto-drools. After encountering the local Nucleist leader, you can use the computer to bring down the Kodiak, which is necessary for resolving the combat encounter in the main chamber. However, to up your chances of winning, you'll have to head down the western door, rather than into the dock itself and fight through a horde of proto-drools. The chamber beyond them contains a group of Holy Detonation initiates under the Evangelist. Pretending to be a Nucleist and quoting the Book of Holy Radiation, Chapter 20, Verse 7 ("Verily and forsooth, → bearer of the sacred Glow, → and maketh us a light in the darkness.") allows for avoiding combat. You can also bypass the encounter entirely if you have freed Father Bezoar and know how to get rid of tumors.
  • Past that area lies the intersection leading to the refrigeration control unit (Goiter mentions it if you open the door to the dock), which can be hacked with Nerd Stuff 9 to disable the safety override and flood the dock with some liquid nitrogen, killing off a few of the drool spawners. The other room leads to Boris and Natasha (requires the food storage code, found at dig site in the corner of big room downstairs - next to lights generator), and finally, the last chamber has a container with a key that opens the crane operations room and allows you to lower one of the shipping containers to trigger the floor plate. Check the toilets (well, portapotties) and use Picklock 10 to acquire a tactical nuke.
  • Time to enter the main area. Note that the Kodiak will automatically kill any enemies it runs over, so make judicious use of that as you move through. Furthermore, the vents will keep spawning protodrools until you find the emergency heater controls (on the eastern side of the wall separating the dock into two halves) and turn them on, to keep the enemy mass from spawning. This makes the encounter much more survivable.
  • The second and third group of drools and flesh masses might not actually trigger until you approach them, so use that opportunity to pull back, heal up and repair the Kodiak. Your ultimate goal is past the hideously mutated feral flesh mass: Park the Kodiak on the pressure plates to power up the ventilation system, then send anyone to activate the console and turn on the backup heaters. This forces the rest of the monsters to retreat, allowing you to explore the dock at your leisure. All of the crates are empty, with the only notable loot being in the level 7 locked truck (random junk) and the back room, which contains the Optical Camo Shroud, the Bile Belcher, and the Wide Scatter Ray-Emitter quest item!
  • As you traverse the area, you'll also overhear the radio communications from a couple of people, tied to the bum you found in the brig at Peterson Air Force Base.



Notable loot[]