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Locate and recover Jess-Bell's "dowry" is a quest in Wasteland 2.


After getting rid of the Wreckers, Jess-Belle is distraught to realize that her dowry is missing. The Rangers are asked to help her.


  • The quest must be initiated before the Rangers defeat the Wreckers at Highpool. If Jess-Belle is not encountered before defeat of all Highpool Wreckers outside, one can only find her corpse later. Entry to the cave system can be accomplished once the Rangers gain access to the top level of Highpool.
  • Enter Highpool underground cave through a man hole cover entrance (in front of broken wall, next to statue; requires Perception skill), located behind the burning building that needed fire to be extinguished, along the eastern wall of the upper level.
  • The Derringer is hidden inside the Red Skorpion Militia's safe near one of the tents. Open the safe and collect it. (The safe can be opened with an explosive.)
  • Deliver it to Jess-Belle.


  • 200 experience.