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Long Beach is a location in Wasteland 2.

Overview[ | ]

A group of Children of the Citadel will ask you to kill a few robots. Do so and you will gain access to the sacred bag of cat litter. If you tell them you are a Desert Ranger they will attack.

Layout[ | ]

WL2 Long Beach Map
  1. World map exit, trader
  2. Children of the Citadel
  3. Dugan's workbots (includes a Meson cannon and a cat litter bag)

The locked building[ | ]

The small building next to Dugan's bots might seem tempting, but Rangers will quickly realize that the door lock is made of divine matter and the door itself is from the hardest metal known to man, impervious to brute force or explosives. The trick is to get the enemy Meson cannon to shoot in its direction, as it's the only weapon capable of opening the door through the sheer force of its blast. Simply place the marked Ranger in front of the door, wait for the robot to fire, and collect your reward.

Warning: May result in injury or permanent death. Do not try this at home or with low level Rangers.

Alternatively, you can place a targeted Ranger behind the shipping container just east of where you meet the Children of the Citadel, in the furthest southeastern corner against the destroyed road. This will lead to the Meson Cannon firing at the door without harming the targeted Ranger.

Proton Axe works on the doors in Director's Cut.

The Plasma Hammer also work on the door in this player's playthrough.