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Look for a guy named Bob, and find out what he's looking for is a quest in Wasteland 2.


We overheard two thugs talking in the sewers under Hollywood. They mentioned a guy named Bob who they think is searching for some kind of treasure just outside town. Might be worth investigating.


Finding Redondo Beach[]

  • Enter Hollywood sewers.
  • Make your way west towards the intersection before the crumbling wall, where two lootable boxes are.
  • Loot the two boxes.
  • Make your way towards the crumbling wall guarded by two Salt Thugs stopping short to eavesdrop in their conversation.
  • Their conversation will lead them to turn around to check the loot boxes. Make your way back avoiding getting into combat.
  • The guards will find the emptied loot boxes and will continue the conversation saying that Bob stole the loot.
  • Exit to the Wastelands to find Redondo Beach marked.

Finding the treasure[]

  • Enter Redondo Beach, talk to Bob, who tells the player he is having trouble finding his family heirloom.
    • The player can offer to help him.
    • or with Hard Ass 10, convince him its a lost cause and to quit - this will complete the quest.
  • Start digging.... have fun.

Returning the treasure[]

  • Talk to Bob after finding Bob's Statue.
    • Returning it to him (the Rangers have to explicitly give it to him) will net a Death ray, 50 Energy Cells, and XP.
    • Additionally if you dig up all the spots you will be given an option to say "No more spots to dig up", Bob will reward you with 3000 scrap and 50 Energy Cells. (Found in DC version.)