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Lords of War is a quest in Wasteland 3. It's unlocked after dealing with the Bizarre - you'll be contacted on the radio by Angela Deth.


Angela Deth claims The Patriarch isn't the benevolent leader he pretends to be. If we want to see how he really operates, we should find a secret bunker in Broadmoor Heights and speak to Ironclad Cordite.


  • The quest where the positive image of the Patriarch is turned on its head. After meeting Angela Deth at the homestead, you need to travel to Broadmoor Heights, where you'll find a hidden hatch at the statue. You'll discover the Old Survivalist Bunker beneath, which is the blacksite where the Patriarch holds his greatest enemies.
  • Enter the bunker and you'll come face to face with the Patriarch's band of mercenaries (Hard Ass 7 makes the fight quite easier due to intimidation or even avoid it with enough fame; Kiss Ass 6 allows you to bribe them - $400 or a Hard Ass 4 check for one bullet each). Then you'll have to fight through more mercs as you explore the bunker (you can grab the Cyborg Chicken with Animal Whisperer 5 and collect another broken toaster Tarjan token).
  • You can charge into the next area or decide to explore through the southern door (Mechanics 4). You'll be able to loot the basement and repair the generator (Mechanics 6), which will allow you to access a vent that leads to the back of a cell with Ironclad Cordite. You can pass him shotgun shells through the vent, which will make him much more useful in the fight. Return to the main hallway, deal with the traps (Explosives 7 necessary), then enter the area where Cordite is kept. The warlord will participate in the fight, then you get the option of talking with him to learn of his past, his motivations, and the truth about the Patriarch.
  • Releasing him and keeping him in your party will allow you to access Gangs All Here after facing Liberty Buchanan, which is what Angela Deth plans to do.
  • The rest of the bunker reveals more. On the opposite side is a makeshift hospital with more mercs (and more Hard Assing that will help you, level 5 required) and Clouds-Drifting-West, the original prophet of the Godfishers. You can choose to euthanize him.
  • After meeting both and collecting Cordite - preferably - leave the bunker and you'll be contacted by Deth via radio.


Raw strings[]

Lords of War
Find a way inside the secret prison underneath Broadmoor Heights.
Free Ironclad Cordite from his cell in the Survivalist Bunker.
Cordite is free
Cordite is dead, and so is any use Angela Deth hoped to get from him.
Exit the bunker.
Cordite Permakilled after being recruited
Angela Deth claims The Patriarch isn't the benevolent leader he pretends to be. If we want to see how he really operates, we should find a secret bunker in Broadmoor Heights and speak to Ironclad Cordite.
Angela Deth told us we can find a hidden hatch on a statue in Broadmoor Heights. It will lead to a secret prison where Ironclad Cordite is being held.
We need to find Ironclad Cordite and learn the truth about what is going on in Colorado Springs.
Cordite is free.
Cordite died before we could speak to him, erasing Angela Deth's hope to use him in her plans.
We found Cordite and opened his cell. Now to get back to the surface.
It's impossible to finish this mission now that we've gone rogue.
Now that Ironclad Cordite is dead, Angela Deth won't be able to use him in her plans.
We found a hatch in the base of a monument in Buchanan Park. It's sealed shut.
Beneath a sealed hatch, we discovered an ancient survivalist bunker, but it looks like it's still in use.
We unsealed the hatch. We should see what's inside.
We recruited the plains warlord known as Ironclad Cordite, \"The Gun That Walks.\"
We couldn't risk leaving \"The Gun that Walks\" alive.
We'll need the key to Cordite's cell.
We let Cordite out of his cell.
Cordite won't talk until we let him out of his cell.
If we slip Cordite some shotgun shells, he can help us take down the guards.
We released the plains warlord known as Ironclad Cordite.