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Los Angeles aqueduct is a location in Wasteland 2.

Background[ | ]

A secret location located deep within the network of Los Angeles aqueducts, it is used as a safehouse for leaders of the Angel Oracle.

Layout[ | ]

World map exitMine field, deployed in several rowsToaster with a working heating element for Sam PostenTori Robbinson/Mister MannersWL2 LA Aqueduct Map
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Interactive map

  • The Aqueduct is where the leader of the faction that lost the struggle for power (The Fletcher Incident) at the Oracle retreats. It also has a toaster with a working heating element.
  • The location is revealed if the player agrees to assassinate Mister Manners for Tori Robbinson, or vice versa, if Manners was retained as leader of the Oracle.
  • Director's Cut provides a third, peaceful resolution to the Oracle conflict which will add the Aqueduct to the map with no occupants.