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Los Payasos is a faction in Wasteland 3.


Los Payasos originated in the town of Arriba, Colorado, some time after the Apocalypse. They are a gang of sadistic killers who believe that the apocalypse was a vicious joke – and they are the punchline. The founder of the Payasos was a messianic figure known as El Payaso Rojo, broken by the Apocalypse and who codified their dogma. Payasos are considered to be the weakest of the Plains gangs, and take that position with extreme seriousness.

They are also one of the gangs that The Patriarch professes to have destroyed. However, in reality, he struck a deal with them after the Scar Collectors and other gangs battled him to a standstill on the plains. Then-head clown, Slapstick, agreed to the secret deal, which held until Liberty Buchanan was forced to flee Colorado Springs and used her inside knowledge to turn the gangs on their old leaders. Slapstick was murdered by Lecherito, who has sworn allegiance to Liberty ever since.


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